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Here we hope to show you the best places in and around your city you have never discovered.

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March Challenge
Western Springs is a well known public park, a favourite spot for a relaxing walk or to let the children run wild. Spend a few hours exploring the park, can you find the sculpture pictured?
Recommended for March
The days are beginning to grow shorter but daytime temperatures are still warm, time to take a trip out to reach the summit of Mt Auckland, on the way home look out for Omeru Scenic Reserve for a soak in the cool stream water


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Januarys Challenge
Wellington City has a good number of inner city churches. Hunt out and identify the example shown.
Recommended for January
Visit the Marine Reserve at Taputeranga Island (Island Bay) a great spot for discovering the abundant native wildlife you share your city with

Recent additions to the site

Updated details in Auckland
The detail page for the mountain bike trails in Totara Park has been updated with more photographs and track descriptions
Updated details in Wellington
The first page for Wellington has been added, more to come soon

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