My City Discovered

My City Discovered was developed to showcase interesting places in your city that you have never visited.

This website and associated book will guide you, the resident, around your city showing you the beautiful, the obscure and the challenging places you should visit.
For each city we have researched a variety of fun and interesting locations, you may know a few, you may have visited several but how much have you truly explored your city and know about the locations detailed in this site?

You can also contribute to the site and add your own secret locations you want to share with others.
We encourage you to submit your location as a 'page' onto the website, we like learning more about our city as much as you do. We review and consider each submitted location for inclusion into the printed book. The best 'pages' added to each city ultimately get published in the next edition of the book and if your page is included you will be credited in the book and also get paid for your contribution. Micro-blogging with rewards!
We also recognise that some of the photos we have collected may not be the best, if you think you have a better photo then go ahead and let us know. If we agree, and with your permission, we will happily swap out the current photo for yours and your name will appear in lights in the book (well, not literally).

So, where to start? First check out if your city book is already underway - Current Cities. If it is then create yourself an account and get started adding new pages. If not you can contact us to recommend that we create your city so that you can start adding your contributions.